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19 February 2018
  Mass - EURAMET

Update of CMCs in Mass declared by Austria via EURAMET.

19 February 2018
  Thermometry - EURAMET

Update and new CMCs in Thermometry as declared by Italy and Turkey via EURAMET.

19 February 2018
  Chemistry - SIM

Update of CMCs in Chemistry for Sediments, soils, ores and particulates as declared by Mexico via SIM.

19 February 2018
  Length - SIM

Publication of a first CMC in Length by Colombia via SIM.

13 February 2018
  Mass and related quantities - APMP

Update of CMCs in Fluid flow declared by Chinese Taipei via APMP.

4 February 2018
  Electricity and Magnetism - COOMET

Publication of CMCs in Electricity and Magnetism by Belarus and Kazakhstan via COOMET.

2 February 2018
  Chemistry - EURAMET

Publication of CMCs in Chemistry on sediments by JCR (Geel - EU) via EURAMET.

2 February 2018
  Photometry and Radiometry - SIM

Publication of CMCs in Photometry and Radiometry by Canada via SIM.

17 January 2018
  Acoustics, ultrasound and Vibration - COOMET

Publication of 6 new CMCs for multifrequency sound calibrators in Acoustics by Belarus via COOMET.

9 January 2018
  Ionizing Radiation - EURAMET

Update of a CMC in Dosimetry declared by the IAEA via EURAMET.