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CMCs - Instructions
Acoustics, Ultrasound, Vibration
Electricity and Magnetism
Mass and related quantities
Photometry and Radiometry
Ionizing Radiation
Time and Frequency
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How to search the Appendix C database
  1. The user has access to the full list of countries which have declared CMCs relevant to the selected metrology area. Choosing the name of one country from the list gives access via 'Display .PDF file' to the .PDF file of all CMCs declared by the selected country and relevant to the selected metrology area.
  2. A search procedure is also provided for the user to select a branch applicable to the selected metrology area, then a service appropriate to the selected branch, then a sub-service. It is also possible to make choices directly by selecting only a service or a sub-service. Each time one specific sub-service is selected, the user is given the option of fine-tuning the search via the selection of an individual service. Access to the .PDF file of the 'List of services' relevant to the selected metrology area is also provided via this page. The user may consult it for a more efficient use of the database search procedure.
    Clicking on 'Search' returns the complete list of countries that have declared CMCs that match the user selection. The user has then to select one or more country names, then click on 'View' to obtain more information about the CMCs.
  3. If a detailed service is relevant to another metrology area than the one selected, a link to it is provided.