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Mass - APMP
24 April 2018
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24 April 2018
  Mass - APMP

Update of CMCs for mass standards by Australia via APMP, in the field of Mass and related quantities.

19 April 2018
  Key Comparison - APMP.QM-K111

Publication of the results and the Final report of APMP.QM-K111 which is a key comparison of propane in nitrogen and which islinked to CCQM-K111 in the field of Chemistry and Biology.

19 April 2018
  Mass - COOMET

Publication of first CMCs in Viscosity by Kazakhstan via COOMET, in the field of Mass and related quantities.

17 April 2018
  Key Comparison - BIPM.RI(I)-K9

First results published on BIPM.RI(I)-K9 with the PTB (Germany). The results of EURAMET.RI(I)-K9 (former EURAMET.RI(I)-S13) are linked to BIPM.RI(I)-K9. This is a comparison of absorbed dose to water  for medium energy X rays.

17 April 2018
  Thermometry - APMP

Update and new CMCs in Thermometry as declared by Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand via the APMP.